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Professional and Scientific Council

2014 P&S Council Candidates

Below are the list of candidates running for the 2014 P&S Council positions. You will have the option to vote for the candidates in your division in addition to voting for the At-Large position in myUNIverse.

Academic Affairs

Holly Bokelman

Coordinator of Special Projects
Academic Affairs
Reason for Candidacy: I have worked at UNI for over 10 years. I am motivated by the desire to see all P&S employees treated equitably in the areas of wages, benefits, and work-life balance, and I would appreciate the opportunity to advance policy efforts to the benefit of our classification.
Relevant Experience: I have served in a number of civic organizations as well as several varied campus groups.

Patrick Luensmann

Program Manager Entrepreneur Development
Academic Affairs
Reason for Candidacy: To become more involved on campus and to bring knowledge from the Business & Community Services programs.
Relevant Experience: I have worked with several advisory councils within our programs. I understand how to interact and make the best use out of being on the committee as well as working with the committee. While as a student at UNI in 2011, I also served on the President's Council in the College of Business. I bring a unique perspective and hope to offer my time on the P&S council.

Nevin Nolte

Assistant Database
Academic Affairs
Reason for Candidacy: I have worked at UNI for 3.5 years and spent a year on the Council during that time (I was fortunate enough to fill in for someone who resigned their position). I took a year off and am looking to get back in the Council to help as much as I can.

I believe the Council is an important part of life at UNI for P&S employees. And for a lot of P&S employees it is a part of life they do not know much
about. I want to work on the Council to make it more open, more visible, and more relevant to the day-to-day lives of P&S employees.

So please vote for me because I have experience on the Council, I am eager to help, I have a lot of history with UNI, and would like nothing more to give back where I can.


Relevant Experience: I received my undergraduate degree from UNI in 2006 in Management Information Systems and am currently working towards getting my masters degree from UNI in Communication Studies. I was hired as an assistant database administrator
in ITS-IS in 2010 when we then moved back to Cedar Falls (from Cedar Rapids). My wife is an instructor in the Communication Studies program and has been since 2007. Since moving to Cedar Falls we have had two children, both of which are enrolled in the UNI Child Development Center.

Needless to say, there is very little about my adult life that is not intertwined with UNI. And I wouldn't want it any other way.


President's Division

Brooke Croshier-Sidebotham

Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations
President's Division
Reason for Candidacy: I am running of P&S Council the Presidents Division because I feel it is very important to involved in our campus issues. I have worked on many committees in the past at a number of different divisions. It is important know what events and activities are important to our University. I feel I would be a good candidate for the position of the President's Division. Being able to bring the events and activities to this University is a priority to me working within Athletics. I think being on a committee helps to build relationships throughout campus, which I believe is very important. It is important to make sure we are all working toward the same goal of making the University of Northern Iowa the best University in the State of Iowa.
Relevant Experience: I have been on many committees throughout my career at different Universities. I have worked at a Division III University on the campus cleaning and planning committee. As well as the Go Green committee and Campus clean up committees at Iowa State University. I think the importance of people from different areas on campus getting together to achieve something great for our campus is something everyone should experience.

Michelle Van Dorn

UNI Athletics New Media Coordinator
President's Division
Reason for Candidacy:I am looking for a way to make sure all sides are represented on the council. We oftentimes have scenarios that are unique to athletics and would like to be able to weigh in on issues that affect the university and our department. Having lived in community for years but new to the university atmosphere, I would like to be able to offer a fresh look at plans to help UNI advance and grow.
Relevant Experience: Helped serve on committee to draft social media policy. Joined university relations at speaking engagement for the tourism board at annual conference.

Student Affairs

Lisa Krausman

Purchasing Coordinator
Student Affairs
Reason for Candidacy: I have a strong interest and commitment to see UNI be successful. Not only have I worked at UNI for the past 15 years in the Department of Residence, but I also received my undergraduate and graduate degree from UNI. Each year on campus, I strive to become more involved and continue to build collaborative partnerships to enhance our campus. UNI has a lot to offer students, staff, and the entire community. We need to continue to work hard to ensure that others know the value of UNI.

I see the P&S employee group and the P&S council serving an integral role to the success of our campus. While serving as a proxy on the P&S Council the past six years, I have regularly attended P&S Council meetings to ensure that I educate myself on issues that are pertinent to our campus and our employee work group. These issues not only look at financial issues related to the budget, and striving for equity among salary and benefits for P&S staff, but also look at making sure UNI is providing a positive working atmosphere for all employees.

I would be honored to serve on as an advocate for your best interests on the P&S Council.
Relevant Experience: Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Council, P&S Representative
Healthy Campus Coalition
Northern Iowa Food Farmer Partnership
Reaching for Higher Ground

Ashley Stewart

Orientation Coordinator
Student Affairs
Reason for Candidacy: Being a member of P&S Council will provide me the opportunity to serve my peers and the university. As representative, I would be willing to communicate concerns and promote engagement. Engagement is key in building culture and positive reputation in an impactful environment. The council serves an important role in the interest of UNI employees. As a member of the council, I would perform the mission and works of university by bring forth ideas and effectiveness.
Relevant Experience: UNI Committee Experience (2014)
-First year Council
-Fall Opening Committee
-Welcome Week Committee, Chair
-Family Weekend
-Jump Start Advisory Committee
And many more
My committee and professional experience at UNI has enabled me to interact
with my colleagues and take time to understand and learn some of the many
moving parts of UNI.

Brittany Warren

Disability Specialist
Student Affairs
Reason for Candidacy: I have worked in a variety of different capacities on campus: undergraduate student worker and R.A. in the Department of Residence, Graduate Assistant for Admissions, Temporary Admissions Counselor, and--most recently--Disability Specialist in Student Disability Services (SDS). Through each position my understanding of the University—specifically the departments—has expanded. In May I will have completed my second year as a P&S staff member working in SDS. I am hoping to increase my involvement on campus and build connections with other colleagues at UNI. I want to learn more about University policies and procedures as well as various issues that the University is experiencing. I want to be apart of a team that positively contributes to the University environment.
Relevant Experience: This past year I have been a member of two committees:
Postsecondary Education Partnership Committee and Student Affairs Diversity Committee. Both committees have been positive learning experiences for me, and I am excited to continue my involvement with both. Through the Postsecondary Education Partnership Committee I took on the roll of chairing the I-Day subcommittee, which has been a very valuable opportunity that I have enjoyed. Through this role I drafted agendas, led meetings, collaborated with other University staff and students, and navigated through challenges.

Sean Willett

Sport Club/Intramural Coordinator
Student Affairs
Reason for Candidacy: I started working at UNI in the summer of 2012 coming from Atlanta, Georgia. The past 2 years have been an incredible experience but still want to get more involved on campus. While I have already met several great colleagues at UNI, I feel this would be a great opportunity to continue my networking and help my fellow UNI professional and scientific employees. I also believe I could bring valuable insight, being a young professional who is also not from the surrounding area.
Relevant Experience: While my relative experience may be minimal when compared to most, I believe my greatest asset is being able to look at situations from a different perspective. As already stated, being a young professional could assist with a wide variety of situations that arise throughout the year. Whatever committee within the P&S Council I sit on, I will work cooperatively and diligently to be a valuable member of the team.

At Large

Gordon Krueger

Environmental Safety Specialist/Radiation Safety Officer
Administration & Financial Services
Reason for Candidacy: I would like to offer my name as candidate for the P&S
council. I believe that my experience as working both on the academic side and working with Administration and Financial Services gives me a broader understanding of the workings of the university and the personnel who work here. I am pretty much a no-nonsense person who likes to identify problems and find the best solution that works for the benefit of those I represent. I find that I am a good listener and approachable so if a P&S staff member wants a concern expressed, I will do my utmost to ensure it gets passed onto those who need to here it. Finally as being a member of Environmental Health and Safety, I will be an advocate for the safety of all employees and students to provide a better environment for those who work or go to school at the University.
Relevant Experience: Served as leader of the Physical Plant Safety Committee from October 2007 to July 2013. Represent the University on the Iowa Schools for Environmental Responsibility. Governmental Affairs officer for the local chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers. Serves as the training coordinator for issues relating to academic safety. I have written University policies and several safety manuals for the Environmental and Health Safety Office.

Rick Seeley

Instructional Technology Research and Development
Academic Affairs
Reason for Candidacy: I have been with the University for almost 19 years working for Information
Technology Services – Educational Technology department. During this time, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with countless outstanding
personnel and students while working on many exciting projects. I view the P&S Council as one way to interact with our professional staff and to help represent where our group would like to go in the future at UNI.

I have had the opportunity in the past to be a member of the P & S Council and look forward to possibly serving there again.

Thank you for the opportunity.
Relevant Experience: - Served previously on P & S Council
- Have served and participated on various councils, task force groups, and teams at UNI
- Lead a team providing enterprise instructional technology implementation and support