Professional and Scientific Council

What is the Professional and Scientific Council?

The Professional and Scientific Council was established in 1978 for the purpose of studying, formulating, and recommending to administrative officers of UNI policies of interest to Professional and Scientific employees at the University of Northern Iowa. The Council, consisting of representatives elected by division members, meets the second Thursday of the month at 1:30 p.m. Locations for the meeting vary and are posted on the website. Meetings are open to the public unless voted into executive session.

Professional and Scientific (P&S) employees are vital to UNI's institutional mission, serving students, faculty, and the public on a year-around basis. In virtually every department P&S employees facilitate and carry out the mission and work of the University in roles that range from coaching the football team to planning campus infrastructure.P&S Employees Distribution

As of 2016, there are 638 P&S Employees, spread throughout the following divisions of the University:

  • President's Office - 84 (13%)
  • Academic Affairs - 343 (54%)
  • Finance & Operations - 52 (8%)
  • Student Affairs - 133 (21%)
  • Advancement - 26 (4%)

P&S staff members usually have special training, including academic degrees or equivalent experience. Virtually all P&S employees have degrees at the bachelor level, and about half have received one or more post-graduate degrees.