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Now is the time to nominate YOUR choice for the Regents Staff Excellence Awards!

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Regents Staff Excellence Awards are presented annually to those P&S employees from Regents institutions who have made outstanding professional contributions during their careers. All winners will receive a recognition certificate and will be recognized at the P&S Council Fall Social event this fall. Please take a moment to nominate someone you feel deserves this honor.

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Nominations for the 2023 Staff Regents Award will be accepted until Friday, September 15th, 2023.

Nominations guidelines:
Self-nominations are not accepted. Any Regent employee (at any Regent institution and of any classification) may nominate a P&S employee for this award. Candidates must have been employed at least half-time for a minimum of five years as a P&S staff member at the University. Nominations must be for a single individual- we do not accept nominations for a team of employees.

When considering someone as a nominee, please keep the following in mind:

  • The definition of excellence should be in reference to the nominee's professional responsibilities in their position at UNI- not necessarily based on the volunteer work and other activities at UNI.
  • The award ultimately determines the meaning of excellence; therefore it is imperative that much thought and consideration be given to each nomination.
  • Quality and excellence of work is valued over years of service.
  • The selection committee will check references. Supervisors should be contacted to verify that the recipients are indeed excellent in their work performance.

Selection Committee: The P&S Council Employee Relations Committee is responsible for identifying the selection committee. Voting members of the selection committee will be:

  1. The current NISG president or designee
  2. A P&S staff member with 20+ years of service, or a retired P&S staff member
  3. A past P&S Regent Staff Excellence Award recipient
  4. A merit staff member with 5+ years of service
  5. A past Faculty Excellence Award recipient

In the event an individual in a particular category cannot fill one of the positions, the total of five shall be maintained by a second appointee from another category. The committee selects its own chair. Three awards are presented to non-Annual-Appointment P&S employees each year. One award is presented on even years to a P&S employee with an Annual Appointment. One Merit Supervisory and Confidential Employee is recognized in odd years by a separate committee.