Professional and Scientific Council

Policies and Procedures Committee

This committee shall regularly assess the value and effectiveness of the P&S policies and procedures and their implementation and shall work with appropriate personnel to develop and recommend any revisions or strategies that best serve the interests of the employees and the university. These recommendations will be presented to the Council for approval with subsequent submission to the Cabinet and ultimate approval by the Board of Regents.

2012 Approved P&S Policies and Procedures (footnotes included)

  • Formally solidify the P&S Policies and Procedures approval process.
  • Critically review the effectiveness of the current P&S Policies and Procedures and the
    suggestions from P&S staff, HRS, Compliance and Equity Management and the University
    Counsel for P&S Policies and Procedures for Phase II revision.
  • Work with appropriate personnel to develop, recommend and update P&S Policies and
    Procedures that best serve the interests of the employees and the university to the P&S
  • Collaborate with P&S Employee Issues Committee to understand and ensure P&S Policies
    and Procedures are upheld.

Please contact your P&S Council representative for past annual reports for this committee.