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Professional and Scientific Council

P&S Council Election

The P&S Council election is scheduled for March 1 - 12, 2010. There are five positions up for election representing the following divisions:

2 - Academic Affairs

1 - Student Affairs

2 - Administration and Finance

At this time we are seeking candidates. If you are interested in being a possible candidate, or if you would like to nominate another P&S employee to be considered as a candidate, please contact one of the committee members listed below as soon as possible but no later than February 10, 2010.

The P&S Council, established in 1978, consists of 15 representatives elected by division members and meets monthly during University office hours. Council members normally serve a three year term, with approximately one-third of the representatives being elected annually. The purpose of the council is, in part:

* To promote communication among University P&S employees and ensure a medium for discussion of and action on mutual problems and concerns.
* To serve as a liaison group between University P&S employees and the University administration.
* To study, formulate, and recommend policies of interest to the University P&S employees to the University administration.

Thank you for your assistance. Look for voting information on UNI online.

For nomination in Academic Affairs: Contact Sara Eberle.

For nominations in Student Affairs: Contact Matt Copp or extension 3-6111

For nominations in Administration and Finance: Contact Pat Whitt.