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Professional and Scientific Council

What are your duties as a Proxy?

Every year, each elected council member identifies a proxy. Your duties begin when you are officially named as a proxy by an elected council member.  As a proxy, you will be listed as a proxy on the P&S website and will be on the P&S Council listserv. You are encouraged to attend all council meetings, but it is especially important that you attend those council meetings that the elected council member is unable to attend. Your voting privileges commence when the elected council member is not present during a P&S Council Meeting.

In general, you will have authority to make any and all decisions an elected council member would make in their absence.

Steps for a Proxy to Follow

  1. Stay informed. Keep up to date on P&S Council Issues by reading agenda and meeting minutes regularly. Attend council meetings whenever possible and feel free to ask questions during the meetings. Serve on a P&S Council Committee.
  2. Find out options. You represent all P&S Staff, so talk to other P&S Staff about P&S issues and concerns. Bring forward their views and be open to other input.
  3. Prepare in advance. Figure out how other P&S Staff would vote if they knew all the facts and options. Visit with your council representative about their thoughts and feelings on the issues.
  4. Be involved. Serve on other P&S committees and campus committees. Attend campus events.  Ask questions. The best way to find out about things is to ask questions.