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Professional and Scientific Council

P&S Council Meets with President Allen

P&S Council members met with President Allen to provide feedback on the potential surplus for FY10.  The following letter was sent to President Allen, dated March 4, 2010 for P&S council recommendations on use of the surplus.

President Allen,

Thank you for meeting with the P&S Council today and the opportunity to provide feedback on the potential $4.2 million surplus for FY10. After discussing options with the Council, we have come to a consensus that we would recommend that the $4.2 million surplus be carried over to FY11 with the following ranked priorities. We would like to move forward with the FY11 allocated salary increase of 3% for the P&S staff. We feel that this would be a morale boost and reward staff for the challenges faced this year. We would also like to see part of the money go toward student recruitment in the form of marketing, scholarships and grants. We feel that keeping the enrollment strong will help maintain UNI as a viable institution. The final recommendation would be that we continue to support the Student Information System project because it is key to the success of serving students at UNI.

We trust you and the Cabinet are still looking for long-term solutions to continue to make UNI the premier undergraduate institution in the Midwest. We understand that some of these solutions may be difficult and may include program and service reductions and/or eliminations. The P&S Council will continue to work with you in these efforts, to provide feedback and recommendations when necessary.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jason Vetter
President, P&S Council UNI