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Professional and Scientific Council

P&S Staff Excellence Award Nominations

The P&S Staff Excellence Awards are presented annually to those P&S employees from Regents institutions that have made outstanding professional contributions during their careers. We strongly encourage you to participate in the nomination process.

If you have someone that you would like to nominate, please fill out the nomination form by 11:59pm on September 5th. You can find the nomination form under the "Current Announcements" area in My UNIverse or you can follow this direct link to the form.

All winners will receive a recognition certificate and will be recognized at the upcoming UNI Convocation and the Meet the President event.

When considering someone as a nominee, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • The definition of excellence should be in reference to the nominee’s professional responsibility in their position at UNI – not necessarily based on the volunteer work and other activities at UNI.
  • The award ultimately determines the meaning of excellence; therefore it is imperative that much thought and consideration be given to each nomination.
  • Quality and excellence of work is valued over years of service.

For a list of previous winners, please refer to the Awards page.