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Professional and Scientific Council

Dell Award Recipients Named

The Eunice A. Dell Award was presented at the Administration and Financial Services Employee Recognition on January 13, 2011 to two very worthy recipients.  This year’s deserving “Making a Difference” recipients are Gary Shontz and Therese Callaghan.

According to the nominator, Gary is a “difference maker”; a person who has “bedrock values and a gentle heart.” The nominator states that the award winner provided “opportunities to shape ones perspective and open gateways of understanding” by encouraging participation in the annual House of Hope luncheon. The nominator also cites Gary’s willingness to share his wisdom and knowledge of the financial world, especially with his students in his role as adjunct instructor for the university. He states: “I have the opportunity to witness multiple professor/student, protégé/mentor conversations. I have seen students from various backgrounds with various levels of understanding enter the office, displaying a high level of anxiety. Without fail, after a few minutes of conversation, tutoring and/or reassurance, the students leave in a much better frame of mind.” For his work on campus, and supporting activities such as House of Hope, his mission work in Mazatlan, Mexico, and his support of our students, Gary Shontz is a deserving recipient of the Dell Award.

Nominators for Therese noted the numerous ways on and off the job that she makes a difference. Throughout the Cedar Valley she is active on the United Way annual campaign, serves as a commissioner on the Cedar Falls Human Rights Commission, and serves a variety of professional organizations throughout the area and the state. One of the positions that Eunice held later in her career at UNI was to work as Faculty and Staff Disability Service coordinator, a role that she embraced because she knew how much this kind of assistance can make a difference to those she served. Therese has continued that role and worked to increase the level of campus awareness about opportunities that can be afforded to those who have barriers to employment. Her nominators state that “her efforts contribute to the recruitment and retention of a more diverse workforce through disability accommodation.” They further state that she is “active on many campus committees -- such as the Coordinating Committee for Disability Accommodations and the University Health and Safety Committee” and her involvement “serves to further extend campus knowledge of disabilities and contributes to the positive impact of such programs.”