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Professional and Scientific Council

P&S Council releases official statement regarding current budget situation on campus

The Professional and Scientific Council remains dedicated to the institutional mission of the University of Northern Iowa. The professionals that this council represents are involved in every aspect of UNI, working collaboratively to create a positive and engaging campus environment. The P&S Council recognizes the impact of budget cuts on P&S employees over the past several years. We will continue to work with those affected by staff reductions through the P&S policies and procedures to explore every opportunity for their continued presence at UNI.

We encourage any P&S staff to communicate opinions to their P&S Council representatives or directly to President Allen, Provost Gibson, and other campus leaders, as they have proven to be receptive to our feedback. In addition, those interested always have the opportunity to contact their legislators to request continued support for our university.

Given the landscape of higher education today, it is important to consider how change might present opportunities for enhancing UNI’s position as a leader in higher education. We trust that through these tough times UNI will succeed in becoming a stronger university, serving students and the people of Iowa.