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Professional and Scientific Council

P&S Benefits Survey 2013

Earlier this year the Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee of the P&S Council conducted a survey of eligible P&S staff. The survey was completed by 190 of the 629 eligible participants resulting in approximately 30% return.

Please review the results. A list of recommendations is included at the conclusion of the report. The Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee and the P&S Council will be working to complete those recommendations.

This survey showed that generally P&S staff are satisfied with their benefits and compensation. The following topics received significant comments:

  • Dental plan
  • Vision plan
  • Distribution of salary increases
  • Wage equity
  • Funeral leave
  • Employee wellness programs

The results of this survey and a report with recommendations can be downloaded below. Comments believed to be able to easily identify an individual have been redacted. The 430 page full results have been removed at the request of several P&S staff members who expressed concerns that the full survey results could still be used to identify people's responses. We sincerely apologize for this error. The document below has also been modified to reflect that the 430 page full results are no longer available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Eric Lukens at or by phone at 319-273-7434.