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Professional and Scientific Council

FY 2014 Salary Increases

For fiscal year 2014, the salary increases recommended by former President Allen are for salary increases of 1% distributed across-the-board only to P&S employees that have been rated satisfactory or above on their performance review, and another 1% distributed based on meritorious performance.

Additionally, P&S employees having had received salary increases for fiscal year 2013 are also receiving a smaller "catch-up" percentage in addition to the above. This 0.62% ammount is due to increases in FY 2013 being distributed as one increase at the beginning of the fiscal year instead of receiving two smaller increases. This "catch-up" percentage corrects the salary to equal what it would have been had there been two increases instead of one.

Further, Vice Presidents have the option to withhold a maximum of 0.25% from the meritorious pool of funds to distribute for equity or meritorious performance to P&S employees.

The letter from former President Allen is attached to this post.