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Professional and Scientific Council

Previous Regent Award Winners - 2009

2009 Regent Excellence Awards This year's awards were presented to:

Karen Cunningham

  • Karen is a program coordinator and advisor for the Individual and General Studies majors and also the coordinator for the National Student Exchange Program.
  • Her nomination notes that in her dual role, Karen must be knowledgeable about all departments’ disciplines, prerequisites and registration requirements in order to help students create a coherent program of study.
  • She is described as having a profound dedication to students and is also a devoted UNI alumni, earning her BA, MA and this spring, her Ed.D. in Education Leadership.
  • Karen is described as "dedicated to guiding others on their educational journey."

Kris Peterson

  • Kris served the university in her role as the Office Coordinator for Career Services for 30-plus years. Kris retired this summer.
  • Kris was instrumental in making UNI's Career Services an efficient and effective operation.
  • Karen was described as someone who created a "very positive environment," even during challenging situations like the 2005 Gilchrist fire that displaced Career Services into six different buildings across campus.
  • "Kris maintained her positive attitude and sense of humor which made the experience as smooth and acceptable as could be."

David Schmid

  • David Schmid, Rider Hall Residence Life Coordinator is affectionately known as "Schmiddy".
  • His nomination notes that David's "energy, drive, attention to detail, volume of work, and overall impact on large numbers of students and colleagues in the residence system have been immeasurable."
  • David is described as an "outstanding teacher, mentor, and role model" with a vast knowledge of university services and resources.
  • David also serves as the summer conference coordinator and an adjunct faculty member at UNI.