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Professional and Scientific Council

Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee Update

The Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee has researched certain benefits in response to last year’s survey and compared them to local employers and peer institutions. Generally, the findings have been very positive.

The committee compared UNI’s P&S dental and vision plans to some peer institutions and local employers. Survey results have indicated some levels of dissatisfaction with the coverage offered by the dental and vision plans. UNI’s plans were generally equivalent or better than the others reviewed. A PDF is attached to this post showing the results.

The Salary and Fringe Benefits committee also compared UNI’s non-insurance health benefits and incentives to other large employers in the Cedar Valley. UNI generally provides more overall benefits. Some employers offer better discounts or access to fitness centers. A PDF is attached to this post showing the results.

Other Benefits

P&S employees have raised concerns regarding the 3 to 1 ratio for conversion of sick leave to vacation. The 3 to 1 ratio is rooted in state law (Iowa Code § 70A.1) and in turn by BOR policies and UNI policies. Essentially, a sick day is worth 3 times more as a sick day than as a vacation day. We believe that this ratio benefits the university community by encouraging people to take sick leave when necessary, rather than trying to accumulate maximum vacation days.

Many P&S employees are not aware of all the benefits offered. HRS maintains a complete list of benefits for UNI employees here. We recommend reviewing this page to make sure you are aware of all of the various benefits. P&S Benefits are found in the right column on that HRS page.

The Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee will continue to review other benefits. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to discuss these benefits in detail. Contact the committee chair at

DISCLAIMER: Much of this data was gathered by contacting the other employers. As such, errors and omissions are possible and benefits may have changed since they were contacted. If you are aware of any issues, please let us know.