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Professional and Scientific Council

Salary Recommendation Letter Response from Pres. Ruud

President Ruud has sent his response to the P&S Council's recommendation regarding the distribution of FY 2015 salary increases. They are to be "1% to be distributed across-the-board only to P&S employees that have been rated satisfactory or above, and the remaining 1.25% to be distributed based on meritorious performance." The average salary increase across P&S employees will be 2.25%.

As usual, a 0.25% amount can be held back by the vice presidents for individual salary adjustments.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to the Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee chair Eric Lukens. He can be reached at or at (319) 273-7434.

A scanned copy of President Ruud's letter is attached to this post.