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Professional and Scientific Council

2016 P&S Council Candidates

Below are the list of candidates running for the 2016 P&S Council positions.

Academic Affairs (two open spots)

Melanie Abbas
Picture of Melanie Abbas
Being a part of the P&S Council is a great opportunity to be involved with the UNI community. I have served on the Council for 3 terms and would like to serve again. As President of the Council this past year, I have enjoyed being able to represent the interests of the P&S employees within UNI and at the BOR level.

I would like to continue the ongoing work involved in moving forward with the P&S policies and procedures updates and working to address concerns raised during the latest salary and fringe benefits survey. I am also interested in continuing the communications between the UNI Cabinet and the P&S Council to increase the transparency in the administrative policies that affect P&S employees at UNI.

Relevant Experience:

  • Served on the Council 2006-2012 & 2013-present
  • President of the Council (2011-2012, 2015-present)
  • Vice President of the Council (2013-2015)
  • Salary & Fringe Benefits Committee (2009-2010, 2011-chair, 2015-present)
Adam Puls
Description not provided.
Lori Miller
Description not provided.
Jim Volgarino
Picture of Jim Volgarino
As a UNI alum and lifelong resident of the Cedar Valley, I have had a distinct interest in the workings of the university where I have gained not only my education but the background I needed to pursue my business career. When I took my current position in the Department of Industrial Technology I found much that needed to be done organizationally and have managed to change much of the function and purpose of not only my position, but enhanced the program this position supports (graphic technologies). I'd like to provide some of my own experience to this council as well as I see the P&S staff throughout campus as a valuable resource and a necessity for the future growth of the university.

Relevant Experience:

I had 35 years of experience in business before entering the world of academia eight years ago. I have owned and managed several business operations over the years, employed hundreds of people and been involved in all the related issues of organizing employee benefits and responsibilities. In business you must have a consistent grasp of employer/employee relationships and my experience has given me a unique perspective as I have applied it to the university environment.

At Large (three open spots)

Rob Green
Picture of Rob Green
I'm very interested in understanding more about P&S policies and organization; I've been at UNI for about a year and a half, and P&S Council would be a great way to contribute AND learn.

Relevant Experience:

  • Various leadership & administrative positions during 10 years with the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Chair of Rod Library's organizational development committee
  • B.S. in Government/PublicPolicy (1998)
J.C. Last
Description not provided.
James Tanzosch
Picture of James Tanzosch
I have enjoyed following the emails regarding the P&S council since I started at UNI 1 year ago. From talking to current and former members it seems to fulfill an important mission at UNI while also offering an excellent opportunity to remain current and involved with campus issues. This parallels with my position as Procurement Manager where purchasing decisions can touch every member of campus. I enjoy working with diverse groups intent on doing their best to improve the University of Northern Iowa. I believe I can contribute a valuable perspective to the council and my involvement will also give me additional perspective in making Procurement decisions.

Relevant Experience:

Since starting at UNI one year ago I have been heavily involved in the TIER initiative as it relates to purchasing. Involvement has included working with functional leads at UNI and teams from Iowa State University and the University of Iowa to obtain agreements that are beneficial to all groups and meet the goals of the Iowa Board of Regents.

I enjoy working with these diverse teams and believe involvement with the P&S council will not only help me fulfill my duties at the University but I would add a valuable perspective allowing us to achieve our mission.

Michelle Van Dorn
Picture of Michelle Van Dorn
I would like to stay abreast on the latest at the university and how it can affect my department as well as identify how I and my department can collaborate with the university's efforts.

I would like to be able to help the university continue to advance any way I can.

Relevant Experience:

Filled in for Kara Park's term.

Student Affairs (one open spot, one-year term)

Karen Paulsen
Picture of Karen Paulsen
As a proud UNI graduate and UNI employee for over 25 years, I would be honored to serve on P&S Council at UNI. I worked in ITS for 22 years before joining the Department of Residence in 2013. In my positions, I have had the opportunity to work with many staff within the department as well as staff from across campus and those interactions have allowed me to gain a greater appreciation for and understanding of the needs of staff all over campus.

The main reason I would like to serve on this council is because I believe in the people at UNI. I am willing to listen to the concerns of staff and help explore ways to help continue to make UNI a great place to work in the Cedar Valley. I believe that all staff provide a critical role in the success of UNI and that together we can continue to help students succeed.

On a more personal note, I am married to Vic Paulsen (23 years and counting) and together we have 4 wonderful children and 2 grandchildren. I love to visit family, exercise, volunteer, and play cards.

Relevant Experience:

In addition to serving as a member of the senior team in both Information Technology Services and the Department of Residence, I have also served on a variety of other committees over the past 25 years. Other leadership experience includes serving as a council member and Mayor of Raymond for 14 years, Board of Education president, Merit Supervisory and Confidential council, and president of UNI Association of Education Office Personnel.

Shelley Pruess
Picture of Shelley Pruess
During my past experiences serving on the P&S Council, I had the opportunity to meet and work with other individuals in areas on campus that I was not as familiar with. This broadened my knowledge as well as challenged me to become a voice for others within the institution and our division. As we face challenging times, I would like the opportunity to work for my colleagues to create and insure a welcoming work environment.

Relevant Experience:

  • Served 11 years on P&S Council
  • 2 yrs. as a proxy on P&S Council
  • Served 6 years on the Employee Relations Committee
  • 5 years on Employee Issues Committee and am currently serving on this committee