About Professional & Scientific Council

The Professional & Scientific Council consists of representatives elected by division members. Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at 1:30 p.m. Locations for the meeting vary and are posted on the website. Meetings are open to the public unless voted into executive session.

As of 2022, there are 690 P&S employees spread throughout the following divisions of the university:

  • Academic Affairs - 304 (44%)
  • Finance & Operations - 108 (15%)
  • President's Office - 191 (28%)
  • Student Affairs - 53 (8%)
  • University Advancement - 34 (5%)

    P&S staff members usually have special training, including academic degrees or equivalent experience. Virtually all P&S employees have degrees at the bachelor level, and about half have received one or more post-graduate degrees.

P&S Council Strategic Initiatives

FY23 Council Goals

Broaden outreach and increase engagement with the P&S Community
  • Maintain website in order for it to be an effective and useful tool
  • Host bi-annual social
Promote awareness of the council’s five main committees
  • Annual presentation of committees to be done just prior to council election/rollover of council members (March/April)
  • Provide short educational opportunities on P&S policies at each council meeting
  • Educate the P&S community in the newsletter; provide short facts
Find and Share Opportunities for Professional Development
  • Communicate professional development opportunities
Find and explore new ways to effectively advocate for the P&S Community
  • Look into funding sources/opportunities and effective use
  • Collaborate with fellow Regents Universities P&S Councils